Japan Tuning Music Academy
Guidance of a piano tuning course

Free course


【Course of lessons by appointment=Free time course】
At this course, you can study intensively over a short period of time.
If you do not have visa, we recommend you use of this course.
You can enter this course always.

Course Ⅰ :Practice of an upright piano tuning.
Course Ⅱ :Learning about the tuning skill of grand piano and repair.

Tuition fee (Including consumption tax)
Enrollment fee 27,000 yen (only course Ⅰ)
Equipment fee 54,000 yen
Tuition 518,400 yen(The tuition of each course is the same.)
  In addition, tool cost is required.
   Course Ⅰ : 30,240 yen   Course Ⅱ : 183,600 yen
   When you already have a tool, it is not necessary to buy.

◆An amount required per one student
1.When a student chooses 1course and 2course・・・Total amount 1,171,800yen
2.When a student studies from 1course to 3course・・・Total amount 1,744,200yen
If you wish the purchase of a tool, in addition, 213,840yen is required.

Lesson time
1 lesson is 2 hours. Each course has 45 lessons.

We have also class to study Japanese language and help to find your room to stay.
Feel free to ask any.

Japan Tuning Music Academy
Address: 3-22-4-2F, Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Telephone number: 0120-410-115
Mail address: mail@jtma.biz



History of JTMA

*1970 Wistaria Piano Music Academy Establishment (Yamato-shi, Kanagawa) *1980 Institute of Japan Piano Tuning technology Establishiment (It’s established as the piano tuning Institute which becomes the first time in Japan.) *1992 line up in Institute of Japan Piano Tuning technology and found Institute of Japan Music Academy in the same site *1995 move the Academy to the current Shibuya school *2003 change the name : Japan Tuning Music Academy, and it’s to present.